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LAST UPDATE:  February 25, 2021 @ 6:10 pm




2752Abesser Merkel12 x 2-3/4"32" barrels, Briley chokes (5), single trigger, trigger plate gun, very good condition, o/u5,500.00
2517Army & Navy CSL , London410 x 2"27 " barrels, fixed chokes (cyl. & cyl.), external hammers, double trigger, colour case hardened, round body, nitro proofed. excellent condition.  side by side7,500.00
NEWBeretta A-400 12 x 3.5"28 " barrel, optifade camo pattern, NEW in the case, semi automatic2,400.00
2748Beretta S687 EL Gold Pigeon Sporting12 x 3 "29.5" barrels with chokes, 5 gold inlays, good condition with a few minor marks on wood. includes Beretta carry case. o/u4,700.00
2749Bertta S687 EL Gold Pigeon Sporting20 x 3 "29.5" barrels with chokes, 5 gold inlays, very good condition, includes Beretta carry case5,000.00
2398Di Maggio Side lock Pigeon Gun12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes ( imp. mod. & full), single trigger, built on a Piotti action,includes carry case. excellent condition.  side x side8,200.00
2451Dumoulin12 x 2-3/4 "27.5 " barrels, fixed chokes ( l. mod. & mod.), sling swivels, double trigger, fair condition. side x side800.00
2735Fox A Grade12 x 3"28 barrels, Trulock chokes (10),  box lock, English stock, in like new condition, includes carry case, side x side4,500.00
2701GARBI MODEL 10020 x 3"26" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & mod.), double trigger, ejectors, english stock, 14" L.O.P.,  silver receiver, in "like new" condition, includes original leather carry case. side lock, sxs 5,900.00

2465Gaspar de Arizaga12 x 2-3/4 "27.5" barrels, fixed chokes (l. mod. & mod.), non ejector, includes a case. good condition. side x sideSale Price
2757G. Geffroy G-412 x 2-3/4"27.5" barrels, fixed chokes (M & IM), non ejector, engraved by Riocreux.  double trigger, includes a carry case, side x side.6,200.00
2740Goro12 x 3"28" barrels, fixed chokes (mod & imp mod), double trigger, colour case receiver, side x side500.00
2499Holloway Hammer Gun12 x 2-3/4 "30" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & mod.), side lock, nitro proofed for 1-1/4  oz.  Very good condition. includes a case. side x side6,250.00
2699Horsley, Thomas1228" barrels, fixed chokes, double trigger, ejectors, straight English stock, includes carry case. side x side4,500.00
2762Krieghoff k-20 Gold Super Scroll20, 28 & 41030 " barrels, 3 barrel set, removable chokes, single selective trigger, colour case hardened, never fired, includes case. over/under24,500.00
2509Milton, S. C.12 x 2-3/4"33" barrels, mobile chokes (10), single selective trigger, colour case, includes carry case & an extra custom stock , side by side

Sale price   8,900.00

2761Perazzi MX-8 Trap12 x 2-3/4"31.5" barrels with chokes (7), single selective trigger, adjustable comb, in very good condition, includes case. over/under6,700.00
2524Pollard, W.H.12 x 2-1/2"30 " barrels, side lock, fixed chokes (full & imp. cyl.), double trigger, prince of Wales grip, not nitro proofed, good condition, side x sideSale price 1,000.00
2543Remington, 870 Wingmaster16 x 2-3/4"28" barrel, fixed modified choke, 1961 mfg. very good condition, pump action700.00
2747Shard W.D.20 x 2-3/4"29" barrels, fixed chokes (IC & M), double trigger, non ejector, 14" LOP, side lock, sxs2,250.00
2636Theop Murcott's Patent "Mouse trap"10 x 2-3.4" black powder33" barrels, side lock, hammerless, case hardening colours and browning on twist steel barrels are faded. side by side

Sale price 1,700.00

2637W & C Scott The Premier10 x 2-7/8"32" barrels, side lock, twist steel barrels, side by side

Sale price 5,500.00



2702Browning FN High Power Medallion Grade222 Mag.24" barrel, 1965 mfg. in "like new" condition, includes Leupold 2 - 7 x 32 scope, bolt action

2754Remington 740030-0622" barrel, includes Bushnell 3200 Elite scope, a carry case and a spare magazine, very good condition, semi automatic800.00
2491Sako AV338 WM19" barrel, includes Leupold 3-9x42 Compact scope., full stock, very good condition. bolt action1,700.00
2711Savage 1899303 Savage24" barrel, includes carry sleeve. 1907/8 mfg. very good condition. lever action.1,500.00
2556Searcy, B. Field Model470 NE24" barrels, double trigger, includes Zeiss Varipoint 1.1-4x24 T* scope, very good condition, side x side

Sale Price 11,900.00

2531Stevens Favorite32 RF22 " barrel, fair condition, single shot500.00
2708Winchester 54 Super Grade22 Hornet22" barrel, includes (vintage) Weaver K6 scope, 3 boxes of ammunition.  Inletted sling swivels. good condition. bolt action2,700.00
2727Winchester Model 6122 Win. Mag. RF24" barrel, 18 groove forend, +- 1960 Mfg. good condition, includes carry sleeve Sale price 2,225.00
2710Winchester Model 6122 s.l. & lr24" barrel, smooth top receiver, 11 groove forend. includes carry sleeve. good condition900.00
2726Winchester 94 (pre 64)32 Win. Spl.20" barrel, good condition, front and rear sights are after market/fiber optic, lever action 800.00


2540Heym, FR. W. Drilling12 x 12 x 2-3/4 " over 8 x 57JR 26" barrels, colour case hardened, good condition, includes carry case, hinge

Sale price 3,900.00



R646Beretta Model 707.65 (32 ACP)3.5" barrel, includes original box, manual and 1 spare magazine. good condition. prohibited class, semi automatic350.00
R683Browning (FN) International Medalist22 LR6" barrel, very good condition, hardly used, made in Belgium, rare/hard to find International Competition  model, includes a carry case and a wood box, restricted class, semi automatic

Sale price


R676Campo Giro model 1913-169 mm Largo (Bayard)6.5" barrel, includes holster, fair condition, semi automatic, restricted class

Sale price


R677Colt Vest Pocket252" barrel, fair condition, includes original box, semi automatic, prohibited class

Sale price


R661Colt Woodsman 1st Series Target22 LR6.5 " barrel, 1927-47 mfg. includes holster & 1 spare magazine. fair condition, semi automatic, restricted class 500.00
R693FEG Model 377.6595 mm barrel, fair condition, includes holster and a spare magazine, semi automatic, prohib class800.00
R680Glock 2340 S&W4" barrel, with competition trigger, titanium spring, 2 spare magazines, a speed loader, original box and holster, prohibited class, semi automatic750.00
R686Ruger Bear Cat22 LR4" barrel, very good condition, revolver, prohibited class500.00
R672Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible22 LR & 22 WM6.5" barrel, 1982 mfg., very good condition, revolver, restricted classSale price 600.00
R681Smith & Wesson Airweight38 SPL.45 mm barrel, very good condition, 5 shot revolver, includes a speed loader, prohibited class500.00
R717Smith & Wesson Model 10-838 SPL.4.25" heavy barrel, very good condition, 6 shot revolver, included box. prohibited class400.00
R688Smith & Wesson Model 6038 S&W Spl.47 mm barrel, 5 shot, stainless with wood grips. very good condition. revolver. prohib class500.00
R685Smith & Wesson 659 Stainless9 mm4" barrel, adjustable site, double action. 1982 mfg. very good condition, includes original box, prohibited class, semi automatic650.00
R682Unique7.6582 mm barrel, prohibited class, semi automatic280.00
R700Walther P2222 LR5" barrel, good condition (missing 1 stabilizer screw), includes carry case and spare magazine.  semi automatic, restricted class365.00




2552Browning Auto 512 x 3"29.5" barrel, fixed full choke, crack in stock, forend is not original. semi automatic570.00
2536Pieper, H.   200.00
2712Remington 31-T12 x 2-3./4"26" barrel, fixed IC choke, includes a second barrel of 28" with fixed IM choke and a carry case.  Wood chips and cracks on stock where it meets the receiver. pump action700.00
2638Robert Adams Single shot12 bore black powder31' barrel, hammer gun500.00


 Alliant PowderReloader 10x1 lbs.50.00
 Snap Caps12, 20, 28, 410 or 16set of 215.00
 Kreighoff barrel k-8012 x 2-3/4"32" un-single, Precision thin wall chokes (2), good condition4,500.00
 Krieghoff  choke steel12each - price applies to in stock items only 90.00
 Krieghoff choke titanium12each - price applies to in stock items only150.00
 Krieghoff Gun Glide each  16.00
 Krieghoff (titanium) trigger  each300.00
NEWPerazzi Barrels MX-812 x 2-3/4"30" over under, fixed choke (F & IM) and 35" top single, fixed choke (F) flat bottom style. Made by Perugini-Visini  5,000.00
 reloading accessories  Pacific & Hornady powder & shot bushings. assorted sizes. new5.00 each
 Zeiss Conquest V4 Scope3-12 x 56Product code 522925-9960-0001,499.99