Guns are pre-owned and listed in Canadian currency, unless otherwise noted.   

LAST UPDATE:  July 13th, 2018 @ 5:57 pm

Ref. #Make & Model GA./CAL.DescriptionPrice


2517Army & Navy CSL , London410 x 2"27 " barrels, fixed chokes (cyl. & cyl.), external hammers, double trigger, colour case hardened, round body, nitro proofed. excellent condition.  side by side7,500.00
2454Benelli Legacy28 x 2-3/4"26" barrel, includes 3 chokes, 12.5" LOP, very good condition. semi automatic1,700.00
2428Beretta 302 Extra Lusso Special Trap12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrel with fixed full choke, includes a 28 " barrel with chokes and a case. very good condition. semi automatic3,000.00
2464Beretta A390 Silver Mallard12 x 3 "30" barrel, includes 2 chokes, very good condition. semi automatic1,200.00
2443Beretta AL 391 Urika 220 x 3 "26" barrel, includes 3 chokes and a case. very good condition. semi automatic1,700.00
2512Beretta 40912 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixed chokes (imp. mod. & full), double trigger, includes sleeve and cleaning rod. fair condition. side x side995.00
2515Beretta 48628 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrels, includes 5 chokes and a case. single trigger. in "like new" condition. side x side6,500.00
NEWBoito Hiker410 x 3 "12" barrel, fixed choke (full), single barrel, hinge235.00
2487Browning Citori Field12 x 3"28" barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.) good condition. over/under1,050.00
2439Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade12 x 2-3/4"30"  barrels, fixed chokes (imp. mod. & mod.), very good condition, 1962 mfg., 13.5 " LOP, includes Browning Case. over/under4,250.00
2530Browning Superposed Standard Grade12 x 2-3/4"30" barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod), wood stock and forend is in poor condition.  over/under800.00
2520Browning Twentyweight12 x 2-3/4"26-1/4" barrel, fixed choke (modified), very good condition, semi automatic1,500.00
2413Charles Osborne12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixed chokes (cyl. & mod.), double trigger, non ejector, includes leg 'o mutton case, very good condition. side x side2,900.00
2398Di Maggio Side lock Pigeon Gun12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes ( imp. mod. & full), single trigger, built on a Piotti action,includes carry case. excellent condition.  side x side8,200.00
2451Dumoulin12 x 2-3/4 "27.5 " barrel, fixed chokes ( l. mod. & mod.), sling swivels, double trigger, fair condition. side x side800.00
2465Gaspar de Arizaga12 x 2-3/4 "27.5 " barrels, fixed chokes (l. mod. & mod.), non ejector, includes a case. good condition. side x side1,400.00
2266Hatsan Escort12 x 3 "22 " smooth slug barrel with cantilever base includes a 22" and 28 " barrels and a turkey choke. Camouflage finish. very good condition. pump action770.00
2499Holloway Hammer Gun12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & mod.), side lock, nito proofed for 1-1/4  oz.  Very good condition. includes a case. side x side6,250.00
2324Ithaca "Knicks" 5E Trap12 x 2-3/4 "32" barrel, fixed choke (full), 1925-26 mfg. includes case. very good condition. single barrel/hinge 3,600.00
2462Ithaca 37 Featherlight 12 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrel, fixed choke (mod.) good condition. pump350.00
2500Krieghoff k-80 Pro Sporter12 x 3"32" barrels, includes mobile chokes and a case.  In "like new" condition.  over/under 14,000.00
2322L.C. Smith Ideal FWE12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes (light mod. & imp. mod.), single selective trigger, includes carry case. very good condition. side x side3,150.00
2405Malin Side Lock12 x 2-3/4 "27" barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & imp. mod.), double trigger, engraved by Peter Cook, includes case. very good condition. side x side7,000.00
2527Mossberg 183 KC410 x 3 "25 " barrel including C-Lect choke, good condition, bolt action250.00
2369Pape, WR12 x 2-3/4 "30-1/4 " barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & l. mod.), double trigger, doll's head lock, Wesley Richards style ejectors, nitro proofed, includes a case. very good condition. side x side3,000.00
2524Pollard, W.H.12 x 2-1/2"30 " barrels, side lock, fixed chokes (full & imp. cyl.), double trigger, prince of Wales grip, not nitro proofed, good condition, side x side2,100.00
2538Purdey, J. & Sons self opener12 x 2-3/4"30 " barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & cyl), includes a carry case, poor condition, side x side4,000.00
2525Remington 1100 LW410 x 3"25" barrel, fixed choke (full), good condition, semi automatic$ 600.00
2,2337Sauer12 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & imp. mod.), double trigger, box lock, sling swivels, good condition. side x side1,125.00
2422Sauer Royal12 x 2-3/4 "28-1/4 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.) double trigger, sling swivels.  Includes carry sleeve. very good condition. side x side900.00
2414Scholefield12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixes chokes ( imp. mod. & imp. cyl.), double trigger, very good condition. includes a case. side x side2,900.00
2452WW Greener12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels with fixed chokes (mod. & imp. cyl.) double triggers, good condition. side x side1,500.00
2055Weatherby Regency Field12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (full & modified) very good condition. over/under1,700.00
2529Winchester Model 1212 x 2-3/4"30 " barrel, fixed choke (full), fair condition, pump action500.00


2242Anschutz CIL Model 30022 LR21.5 " barrel, includes Bushnell Sportview 4x-15mm scope. good condition. semi automatic


2523BSA Sht. LE III*303 British25 " barrel, good condition, bolt action350.00
2485Browning A Bolt II Medallion LEFT hand30-0622"  barrel with Boss System, includes Bushnell Elite 3000 3-9x40 scope, 1 spare magazine and a carry case. very good condition. bolt action1,000.00
2535BRNO Model 122 LR22.5 " barrel, good condition, bolt action800.00
2264FN Browning Safari22222 " barrel, High Power Safari Grade Short Action, 1966 mfg., bolt action1,500.00
2537Merkel ' barrels, includes Swarovski nova 6x42 scope and a carry case, good condition, side x side hinge4,000.00
2528Mossberg 352 KB22 SHV, L & LR 18 " barrel, fair condition, includes carry sleeve, semi automatic


1987Pedersoli Black Powder45 Percussion35.3" barrel, includes carry sleeve, good condition600.00
2408Ranger Arms Texas Magnum Senator Grade300 WM25.5 " barrel, includes Zeiss Diavari ZA 2.5-10x52 scope. very good condition. bolt action5,000.00
2409Ranger Arms Texas Magnum Senator Grade30-0625.5 " barrel, includes Zeiss Diavari Z 2.5-10x52 scope. very good condition. bolt action5,000.00
2521Remington Fieldmaster 57222 S, L &LR23.5 " barrel, includes Tasco 3-7x20 scope, good condition, pump action600.00
2534Ruger M77308 Win18.5 " barrel, includes Leupold Compact 4x scope, good condition, bolt action795.00
2491Sako AV338 WM19" barrel, includes Leupold 3-9x42 Compact scope. very good condition. bolt action1,700.00
2532Savage Special22 Hornet26 " barrel, engraving and gold inlays by T. Pozzobon, good condition, single shot hinge1,000.00
2522Springfield 87A22 S, L & LR24 " barrel, good condition, semi automatic280.00
2531Stevens Favorite32 RF22 " barrel, fair condition, single shot500.00
2453Whitworth358 STA (Shooting Times Alaskan)24" barrel, includes Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6 scope, includes bullets, brass and reloading die.  good condition. bolt action4,000.00
2180Winchester 7722 LR22 " barrel, tube magazine. good condition. semi automatic295.00
2484Winchester 10030822 " barrel, includes sling swivels and sling. good condition. semi automatic550.00
2473Winchester 9432 WS20 " barrel, 1948/49 mfg. good condition. lever action700.00
2472Zastava LK M70458 WM22' barrel, included carry case. very good condition.  bolt action


2540Heym, FR. W. Drilling12 x 12 x 2-3/4 " over 8 x 57JR 26 " barrels, colour case hardened, good condition, includes carry case, hinge4,500.00
2541Sauer,  Drilling16 x 16 x 2-3/4 " over 7 x 57R25.5 " barrels, includes Karlkaps 6 x 42 scope on claw mounts and a carry case, fair condition, hinge.  4,500.00
2526Savage Model 4222 LR over 410 x 3 "20 " barrel, in "like new " condition, includes Leupold 1.25-4x20 red dot scope, black synthetic stock, over/under hinge650.00
2533Savage Model 2422 LR over 410 x 3 "24 " barrel, engraving and gold inlays by T. Pozzobon, good condition, over under hinge900.00
2542Scherping16 x 2-3/4 " over   9.3 x 7427" barrels, includes Zeiss 4x32 scope on claw counts and a carry case, over/under hinge3,000.00


R646Beretta Model 707.65 (32 ACP)3.5 " barrel, includes original box, manual and 1 spare magazine. good condition. prohibited class, semi automatic350.00
R650Browning BDA 3809 mm short3-3/4 " barrel,  includes manual & butterfly case, Beretta production, very good condition, prohibited class, semi automatic 600.00
R576Browning Nomad22 LR6-3/4 " barrel, includes the manual, holster and butterfly case.  very good condition, semi automatic, restricted class550.00
R593Colt 3573574 " barrel, wide hammer, target sight, 1953-61 mfg., fair condition, prohibited class, revolver.400.00
R642Marbles Game Getter22 S. L. & LR over 410 x 2.5 "15 " barrel, 1921-24 mfg., includes skeleton stock and leather holster, good condition, restricted class, hinge action1,000.00
R652Mauser C96 Broomhandle 7.635.5 ' barrel, matching holster stock, 23 groove, rear adjustable sight marked 1-10, flatside marked Von Lengerke & Detmold New-York. fair condition. semi automatic7,000.00
R558Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Army44-407 " barrel, single action, 6 shot, included a butterfly case, poor condition, restricted class, revolver1,000.00
R665Smith & Wesson 44 Hand ejector First Model New Century Triple Lock44 S&W Special6.5 " barrel, manufactured  1915, includes Smith & Wesson documentation, very good condition, revolver3,000.00
R637Uzi Model A9 mm Para16 " barrel, very good condition. 12(4) classification.   semi automatic900.00


R557Colt 1851 Navy36 Percussion7.5 " barrel, 6 shot, revolver1,500.00
2519Sharps 1874 Hunter45-7030 " barrel, 30 " barrel, fair condition (for its age), some repairs have been made to wood and metal, falling block


2256Baikal IJ-581228.5 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.), double trigger, sling swivels. parts gun - being sold as is. side x side150.00
2539Carcano 1938 Cavalry Carbine6.5 x 5218 " barrel, no magazine, includes carry sleeve, bolt action300.00
R594High Standard Sentinel R-10122 lr3 " barrel, 1956/64 mfg., cylinder hinge pin missing, parts gun - being sold as is.  prohibited class, revolver175.00
2232JC Higgins Model 2012 x 2-3/4 "27 " barrel. parts gun - being sold as is. pump action150.00
R394Marbles Game Getter22 S. L. & LR over 410 x 2"15 " barrel, parts gun - being sold as is, restricted class, hing action500.00
2536Pieper, H.   200.00
2225Stevens 77H12 x 3 "28 " barrel, fixed choke, parts guns - being sold as is. pump action




 Leather shotgun sleeve up to 48 " overall length200.00
 Levy's Leather scoped rifle sleeve up to 43.5 " overall length324.00
 Snap Caps12, 20, 28 or 16set of 213.99
 Krieghoff  choke steel12each50.00
 Krieghoff choke titanium12each130.00
 Krieghoff Gun Glide each15.00
 Krieghoff trigger titanium each300.00