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2873Adanac Model 6812 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.), ejectors, fair condition, side by side400.00
2865Benelli Montefeltro Super 9012 x 3"28" barrel, mobile choke (1), wear marks on the wood, includes a carry sleeve, semi automatic.600.00
2867Browning Diana 12 x 2-3/4"2 barrel set. Barrel #1 - 28" fixed chokes F & M, Barrel #2 - 28" fixed chokes IC & SK.  1972 Mfg.  Bodson engraved, FKLT, 14-1/4" LOP, includes case. in very good condition. over/underSale Price 11,700.00
2870CZ-USA Huglu Ringneck 201A Mini Single410 x 3"26" barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & imp. cyl.), single selective trigger, new in box, +- 2005 mfg. includes original box, side by side1,700.00
2398Di Maggio Side lock Pigeon Gun12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes ( imp. mod. & full), single trigger, built on a Piotti action, includes carry case. excellent condition.  side x side8,200.00
2451Dumoulin12 x 2-3/4 "27.5 " barrels, fixed chokes ( l. mod. & mod.), sling swivels, double trigger, fair condition. side x side800.00
2851Gamba 580 Extra Lusso S. Vincent12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (l. mod. & Imp. mod.), double triggers, ejectors, straight stock, side lock. includes a carry case. sxs6,900.00
2852Gamba Montreal 90 Sporting/Pigeon12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & imp. mod.), ejectors, straight stock, single trigger (detachable). includes carry case. o/u3,200.00
2465Gaspar de Arizaga12 x 2-3/4 "27.5" barrels, fixed chokes (l. mod. & mod.), non ejector, includes a case. good condition. side x side
Sale Price
2862Gitti12 x 3"30" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. mod. & full)  poor condition, includes carry sleeve, over/under425.00
2808H&H shot and regulated Webley & Scott20 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, ejectors, fixed choke, double trigger, good condition, side by side3,500.00
2861Hatsan Escort Magnum12 x 3"28" barrel, black synthetic stock, mobile chokes (1), includes original box. good condition. semi auto350.00
2499Holloway Hammer Gun12 x 2-3/4 "30" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & mod.), side lock, nitro proofed for 1-1/4  oz.  Very good condition. includes a case. side x side6,250.00
2871Merkel12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & light mod.), double triggers, non ejector, good condition, side by side. includes a carry case 900.00
2509Milton, S. C.12 x 2-3/4"33" barrels, mobile chokes (10), single selective trigger, colour case, includes carry case & an extra custom stock , side by side

  REDUCED 7,500.00

2874Remington 110012 x 2-3/4"28" barrel, fixed choke (modified), very good condition. semi automatic500.00
2543Remington, 870 Wingmaster16 x 2-3/4"28" barrel, fixed modified choke, 1961 mfg. very good condition, pump action700.00
2877Stevens 31112 x 2-3/4"30" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. mod. & full), double trigger, colour cased hardened receiver, good condition, side by side500.00
2804Tobin Arms Woodstock, Canada16 x 2-1/2"30" barrels, fixed choke (M & M), non ejector, side x side600.00
2801Wm. Evans12 x 2-3/4"30" barrels, fixed choke (i.c. & Mod.) ejector gun, good condition. sxsSALE PRICE 3,000.00


2813Blaser S2 Double Rifle9.3 x 74 R23" barrels, very good condition, includes Leupold VX-III 1.75-6x32 scope. hinge, side x side6,200.00
2854Browning 1885 High Wall7mm RM28" octagonal barrel, includes Leupold scope 2-7VARI-X II and carry case. fair condition, single shot1,500.00
2820Henry Repeating Arms22 s l & lr18.5" barrel, very good condition, includes Tasco 3-9x32 scope and a Plano carry case. lever action 600.00
2847Lakefield Model 64B22 LR20" barrel, very good condition, semi automatic325.00
2859Marlin 1895 GBL45/70 GOV.18.5 " barrel, fair condition, includes a carry case, lever action1,700.00
2816Mauser 19087x57 Mauser24" barrel, full stock, matching serial numbers, includes bayonet, very good condition.REDUCED 2,500.00
2805Mauser KAR 988 mm Mauser24" barrel, marked ERFURT 1918, stock has been sporterised, bolt action500.00
2835Remington 700 LH308 Win.20" barrel, black synthetic stock, fluted barrel. very good condition, bolt action1,000.00
2872Ruger 10/2222 LR18.5" barrel, Advantage Max-1 camo, very good condition, semi automatic340.00
2491Sako AV338 WM19" barrel, includes Leupold 3-9x42 Compact scope., full stock, very good condition. bolt action1,700.00
2855Sauer 90300 WM26" barrel, includes Bushnell scope and a carry case, fair condition, bolt action1,700.00
2556Searcy, B. Field Model470 NE24" barrels, double trigger, includes Zeiss Varipoint 1.1-4x24 T* scope, very good condition, side x side

Sale Price 11,900.00

2875Steyr Classic Mannlicher Half Stock Magnum300 WM25.6" barrel, includes Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 MC scope, 1 spare magazine and a carry case. very good condition oolt action2,400.00
2864Tikka M695300 WM24" barrel, black synthetic stock, includes Bushnell Elite 3000 3-4x40 scope and a carry case. fair condition. bolt action.1,100.00
2795Weatherby Vanguard VGX30-0624" barrel, very good condition, includes Zeiss Diavari-C 3-9x36 scope and a carry case. bolt action1,900.00


2802JP Sauer16x16 over 8x57JR27" barrels, fixed choke on shotgun barrels.1,600.00


R646Beretta Model 707.65 (32 ACP)3.5" barrel, includes original box, manual and 1 spare magazine. good condition. prohibited class, semi automatic. prohibited class350.00
R676Campo Giro model 1913-169 mm Largo (Bayard)6.5" barrel, includes holster, fair condition, semi automatic, restricted class

Sale price


R731 Colt 1908 Vest Pocket25 auto51 mm barrel, good condition, semi automatic, prohibited class500.00
R693FEG Model 377.6595 mm barrel, fair condition, includes holster and a spare magazine, semi automatic, prohib class800.00
R669Glisenti 19109 mm Glisenti95 mm barrel, fair condition, prohibited class500.00
R732Llama Especial22 lr92 mm barrel, good condition, includes original box and a spare magazine. prohibited class500.00
R686Ruger Bear Cat22 LR4" barrel, very good condition, revolver, prohibited class500.00
R681Smith & Wesson Airweight38 SPL.45 mm barrel, very good condition, 5 shot revolver, includes a speed loader, prohibited class500.00
R717Smith & Wesson Model 10-838 SPL.4-1/8" heavy barrel, very good condition, 6 shot revolver, included box. prohibited class400.00
R728Smith & Wesson Model 29-244 mag4" barrel, 6 shot, good condition, include wooded box. revolver. prohib class400.00
R688Smith & Wesson Model 6038 S&W Spl.47 mm barrel, 5 shot, stainless with wood grips. very good condition. revolver. prohibited class500.00
R682Unique7.6582 mm barrel, prohibited class, semi automatic280.00
R729Walther PP7.65 (32 ACP)4" barrel, good condition, includes holster and a spare magazine, semi automatic, prohibited class1,200.00



2853Remington Woodsmaster 74230-06 400.00


 Teague Perazzi Series 5 flush chokes (18.7)set of 8FULL - LIGHT FULL - LIGHT MOD. - IMP. MOD. - LIGHT IMP. MOD. - SKEET - CYL. - IMP CYL. 400.00
 Teague Perazzi Series 5 ported chokesset of 11cyl. - 2 x imp. cyl. - skeet - mod. - light mod. - imp. mod. - light imp. mod. - full - 2 x light full 600.00
30/165 GR RNFP
40/180 FT
40/180 RNFP
45/200 GR SWC
45/225 FP
 Snap Caps12, 20, 28, 410 or 16set of 215.00
 Kreighoff barrel k-8012 x 2-3/4"32" un-single, Precision thin wall chokes (2), good conditionSALE PRICE 2,900.00
 Krieghoff  choke steel12each - price applies to in stock items only 110.00
 Krieghoff choke titanium12each - price applies to in stock items only207.00
 Krieghoff Gun Glide each  16.00
 Krieghoff (titanium) trigger  each500.00
 Negrini case1602LR/4704fits over under with up to 32-3/4" barrel flat rib, green with blue interior650.00
 Negrini case1654R/6225fits over under with 32" barrel + chokes, with flat to adjustable high rib, black with charcoal interior. 570.00
 reloading accessories  Pacific & Hornady powder & shot bushings. assorted sizes. new5.00 each
 Winchester Super X ammunition 12 x 2-3/4"1-1/4 oz. # 5, 1220 fps (box of 25)

PER BOX 26.99