Guns are pre-owned and listed in Canadian currency, unless otherwise noted.   

LAST UPDATE:  Nov. 17th, 2018 @ 12:50 pm



2517Army & Navy CSL , London410 x 2"27 " barrels, fixed chokes (cyl. & cyl.), external hammers, double trigger, colour case hardened, round body, nitro proofed. excellent condition.  side by side7,500.00
2584Baikal IJ-1812 x 29 " barrel, fixed choke (full), good condition, single barrel, hinge action.140.00
2454Benelli Legacy28 x 2-3/4"26" barrel, includes 3 chokes, 12.5" LOP, very good condition. semi automatic1,700.00
2428Beretta 302 Extra Lusso Special Trap12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrel with fixed full choke, includes a 28 " barrel with chokes and a case. very good condition. semi automaticReduced
2515Beretta 48628 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrels, includes 5 chokes and a case. single trigger. in "like new" condition. side x side6,500.00
2567Beretta 682 Super Sport12 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrels with removable chokes (10), custom made stock with 15" LOP, good condition, o/u2,800.00
2587Beretta S-5512 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.), double trigger,  good condition, over/under900.00
NEWBoito Hiker410 x 3 "12" barrel, fixed choke (full), single barrel, hinge235.00
2487Browning Citori Field12 x 3"28" barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.) good condition. over/under1,050.00
2552Browning FN Auto 5 Magnum12 x 3"29.5" barrel, fixed full chokes, 1963 mfg. forend has been replaced, hairline crack in stock at rear of lower tang. semi automatic600.00
2439Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade12 x 2-3/4"30"  barrels, fixed chokes (imp. mod. & mod.), very good condition, 1962 mfg., 13.5 " LOP, includes Browning Case. over/under

REDUCED 4,050.00

2548Browning Superposed Grade 1 Superlight20 x 2-3/4"26.5" barrels, fixed chokes (M & IC), English stock, 1970 mfg., very good condition (hardly used), weighs 5.14 lbs., (over/under)4,500.00
2530Browning Superposed Standard Grade12 x 2-3/4"30" barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod), wood stock and forend is in poor condition.  over/under800.00
2413Charles Osborne12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixed chokes (cyl. & mod.), double trigger, non ejector, includes leg 'o mutton case, very good condition. side x side2,900.00
2398Di Maggio Side lock Pigeon Gun12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes ( imp. mod. & full), single trigger, built on a Piotti action,includes carry case. excellent condition.  side x side8,200.00
2451Dumoulin12 x 2-3/4 "27.5 " barrel, fixed chokes ( l. mod. & mod.), sling swivels, double trigger, fair condition. side x side800.00
2465Gaspar de Arizaga12 x 2-3/4 "27.5" barrels, fixed chokes (l. mod. & mod.), non ejector, includes a case. good condition. side x side REDUCED
2564Holland & Holland by Webley & Scott12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (modified & imp. cyl.), double triggers, ejectors, colour case, very good condition. side x side4,500.00
2499Holloway Hammer Gun12 x 2-3/4 "30" barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & mod.), side lock, nitro proofed for 1-1/4  oz.  Very good condition. includes a case. side x side6,250.00
2583Ithaca 37 Featherlight12 s 2-3/4 "28 " barrel, fixed choke (modified), good condition, included carry sleeve. pump action300.00
2324Ithaca "Knicks" 5E Trap12 x 2-3/4 "32" barrel, fixed choke (full), 1925-26 mfg. includes case. very good condition. single barrel/hinge 3,600.00
2322L.C. Smith Ideal FWE12 x 2-3/4 "28" barrels, fixed chokes (light mod. & imp. mod.), single selective trigger, includes carry case. very good condition. side x side3,150.00
2581Lakefield Mossberg 500E410 x 3 "26 " barrel, fixed choke (full), 
2405Malin Side Lock12 x 2-3/4 "27" barrels, fixed chokes (mod. & imp. mod.), double trigger, engraved by Peter Cook, includes case. very good condition. side x side



2509Milton, S. C.12 x 2-3/4"33" barrels, mobile chokes (10), single selective trigger, colour case, includes carry case & an extra custom stock , side by side 18,000.00
2510Milton, S. C.12 x 2-3/4"31" barrels, mobile chokes (16), colour case, trigger plate action, includes carry case, over/under
2369Pape, WR12 x 2-3/4 "30-1/4 " barrels, fixed chokes (imp. cyl. & l. mod.), double trigger, doll's head lock, Wesley Richards style ejectors, nitro proofed, includes a case. very good condition. side x side3,000.00
2566Perazzi MX3 Trap Combo12 x 2-3/4"33.5 " o/u fixed choke (full & modified),  29.5 " top single with removable choke. very good condition. 5,700.00
2557Perazzi MX8-20410 x 3"31.5" barrels, vent rib, excellent condition, mobile chokes (7), includes Perazzi case. over/under15,000.00
2524Pollard, W.H.12 x 2-1/2"30 " barrels, side lock, fixed chokes (full & imp. cyl.), double trigger, prince of Wales grip, not nitro proofed, good condition, side x side2,100.00
2565Remington 870 Marine Magnum12 x 3"18" barrel, fixed choke (cyl.), includes carry sleeve, in "like new" condition. pump650.00
2543Remington, 870 Wingmaster16 x 2-3/4"28" barrel, fixed modified choke, 1961 mfg. very good condition, pump action700.00
2553Remington 110012 x 2-3/4"28" vent rib barrel, fixed skeet choke, good condition, semi automatic700.00
2590Remington 1100 Trap12 x 2-3/4"30 " barrel, fixed choke (full), over all very good condition with the exception of wood swell due to water on the lower portion of the stock, semi automatic500.00
2525Remington 1100 LW410 x 3"25" barrel, fixed choke (full), good condition, semi automatic600.00
2588Remington 1500 XTR12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrel, fixed choke (full), good condition, semi automatic500.00
2337Sauer12 x 2-3/4 "28 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & imp. mod.), double trigger, box lock, sling swivels, good condition. side x side1,125.00
2422Sauer Royal12 x 2-3/4 "28-1/4 " barrels, fixed chokes (full & mod.) double trigger, sling swivels.  Includes carry sleeve. very good condition. side x side900.00
2414Scholefield12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels, fixes chokes ( imp. mod. & imp. cyl.), double trigger, very good condition. includes a case. side x side2,900.00
2452WW Greener12 x 2-3/4 "30 " barrels with fixed chokes (mod. & imp. cyl.) double triggers, good condition. side x side1,500.00
2055Weatherby Regency Field12 x 2-3/4"28" barrels, fixed chokes (full & modified) very good condition. over/under1,700.00
2529Winchester Model 1212 x 2-3/4"30 " barrel, fixed choke (full), fair condition, pump action500.00
2586Winchester Model 12 12 x 2-3/4"30 " barrel, 1974 mfg., screw in choke, good condition, pump action800.00


2485Browning A Bolt II Medallion LEFT hand30-0622"  barrel with Boss System, includes Bushnell Elite 3000 3-9x40 scope, 1 spare magazine and a carry case. very good condition. bolt action1,000.00
2535BRNO Model 122 LR22.5 " barrel, good condition, bolt action800.00
2264FN Browning Safari22222 " barrel, High Power Safari Grade Short Action, 1966 mfg., bolt action1,500.00
2555Jarrett Beanfield375 H&H Mag.25" barrel, built on a Winchester action, includes Swarovski 3-12x50 scope, bolt action14,000.00
2580Marlin 336C30-3020 " barrel, in like new condition, includes Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 scope.  lever action650.00
1987Pedersoli Black Powder45 Percussion35.3" barrel, includes carry sleeve, good condition600.00
2408Ranger Arms Texas Magnum Senator Grade300 WM25.5 " barrel, includes Zeiss Diavari ZA 2.5-10x52 scope. very good condition. bolt action5,000.00
2409Ranger Arms Texas Magnum Senator Grade30-0625.5 " barrel, includes Zeiss Diavari Z 2.5-10x52 scope. very good condition. bolt action5,000.00
2521Remington Fieldmaster 57222 S, L &LR23.5 " barrel, includes Tasco 3-7x20 scope, good condition, pump action600.00
2551Remington 740 Woodsmaster30-0622" barrel, includes Zeiss Diavari C 3-9x36 MC scope, fair condition, semi automatic 1,000.00
2545Remington Nylon 6622 LR19" barrel, 19" barrel, brown stock, fair condition, semi automatic300.00
2491Sako AV338 WM19" barrel, includes Leupold 3-9x42 Compact scope. very good condition. bolt action1,700.00
2556Searcy, B. Field Model470 NE24" barrels, double trigger, includes Zeiss Varipoint 1.1-4x24 T* scope, very good condition, side x side14,000.00
2522Springfield 87A22 S, L & LR24 " barrel, good condition, semi automatic280.00
2531Stevens Favorite32 RF22 " barrel, fair condition, single shot500.00
2560Voere - Vohrenbach Germany30-0624" barrel, set trigger, includes Kahles 2.5-7 scope. bolt action900.00
2453Whitworth358 STA (Shooting Times Alaskan)24" barrel, includes Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6 scope, includes bullets, brass and reloading die.  good condition. bolt action4,000.00
2547Winchester 70 XTR300 WM24 " barrel, very good condition. bolt action900.00
2180Winchester 7722 LR22 " barrel, tube magazine. good condition. semi automatic


2472Zastava LK M70458 WM22' barrel, included carry case. very good condition.  bolt action


2540Heym, FR. W. Drilling12 x 12 x 2-3/4 " over 8 x 57JR 26 " barrels, colour case hardened, good condition, includes carry case, hinge4,500.00
2541Sauer,  Drilling16 x 16 x 2-3/4 " over 7 x 57R25.5 " barrels, includes Karlkaps 6 x 42 scope on claw mounts and a carry case, fair condition, hinge.  4,500.00
2526Savage Model 4222 LR over 410 x 3 "20 " barrel, in "like new " condition, includes Leupold 1.25-4x20 red dot scope, black synthetic stock, over/under hinge650.00
2542Scherping16 x 2-3/4 " over   9.3 x 7427" barrels, includes Zeiss 4x32 scope on claw counts and a carry case, over/under hinge3,000.00


R646Beretta Model 707.65 (32 ACP)3.5 " barrel, includes original box, manual and 1 spare magazine. good condition. prohibited class, semi automatic350.00
R650Browning BDA 3809 mm short3-3/4 " barrel,  includes manual & butterfly case, Beretta production, very good condition, prohibited class, semi automatic
R576Browning Nomad22 LR6-3/4 " barrel, includes the manual, holster and butterfly case.  very good condition, semi automatic, restricted class550.00
R676Campo Giro model 1913-169 mm Largo (Bayard)6.5" barrel, includes holster, fair condition, semi automatic, restricted class1,500.00
R593Colt 3573574 " barrel, wide hammer, target sight, 1953-61 mfg., fair condition, prohibited class, revolver.400.00
R677Colt Vest Pocket252" barrel, fair condition, includes original box, semi automatic, prohibited class400.00
R643Colt Woodsman Match Target22 LR6 " barrel, 1958 mfg., very good condition, semi automatic, restricted class.

REDUCED 900.00

R642Marbles Game Getter22 S. L. & LR over 410 x 2.5 "15 " barrel, 1921-24 mfg., includes skeleton stock and leather holster, good condition, restricted class, hinge action

REDUCED 600.00

R558Merwin & Hulbert Pocket Army44-407 " barrel, single action, 6 shot, included a butterfly case, poor condition, restricted class, revolver1,000.00
R670Norinco 56S-27.62 x 39 Russian19" barrels, folding stock, good condition, prohibited class, semi automatic$ 600.00
R674Sig Sauer P22622 LR4.5 " barrel, in "like new" condition, includes 3 spare magazines and the carry case, semi automatic, restricted class600.00
R678Sig Sauer P226R Equinox 2 tone45 S&W4-1/4" barrel, from the Sig Sauer Custom Shop, includes a spare magazine & Sig case, very good condition, semi automatic, restricted class1,300.00
R665Smith & Wesson 44 Hand ejector First Model New Century Triple Lock44 S&W Special6.5 " barrel, manufactured  1915, includes Smith & Wesson documentation, very good condition, revolver3,000.00
R672Sturm Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible22 LR & 22 WM6.5 " barrel, 1982 mfg., very good condition, revolver, restricted class850.00


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2539Carcano 1938 Cavalry Carbine6.5 x 5218 " barrel, no magazine, includes carry sleeve, bolt action300.00
2496Ljungman AG m/427.6225.5" barrel, includes bayonet & tool kit. no magazine. stock has been refinished in a dark stain, several marks on wood. semi automatic600.00
2536Pieper, H.   200.00
2582Squires Bingham 2022 lr21 " barrel, no magazine, semi automatic100.00
R572Beretta 71 Jaguar22 lr3.5 " barrel, no magazine, semi automatic, prohibited class 150.00
R594High Standard Sentinel R-10122 lr3 " barrel, 1956/64 mfg., cylinder hinge pin missing, parts gun - being sold as is.  prohibited class, revolver150.00
R394Marbles Game Getter22 S. L. & LR over 410 x 2"15 " barrels, parts gun - being sold as is, restricted class, hing action

REDUCED 300.00



 Ergosign EvoComp Stock fits Perazzi MX8/MX2000. fully adjustable modular stock system.  titan anodized, right handed, size large, walnut, in "like new" condition3,500.00
 Hastings Paradox barrel fits Remington 87012 ga x 3"20" barrel, with the exception of a missing rear sight blade, the barrel is in very good condition 300.00
 Leather shotgun sleeve up to 48 " overall length (only 1 left in stock)200.00
 Remington 1100 Duck/Goose barrel12 x 2-3/4"34.5" barrel with vent rib, fixed full choke200.00
 Snap Caps12, 20, 28 or 16set of 213.99
 Krieghoff  choke steel12each (sale price applies to "in stock" items only)50.00
 Krieghoff choke titanium12each (sale price applies to "in stock" items only) 130.00
 Krieghoff Gun Glide each15.00
 Krieghoff (titanium) trigger  each300.00